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Village Tour

Village Tour

Backpacking in the wilderness is always an exciting experience, when you count in the scenic visual treats, a well executed plan and great company. If you could bring your favourite travel companions to Manali, we assure you the other two ingredients for the best trek of your life! Trekking in Manali can be made fun and memorable, if you know how exactly to plan it. We shall walk you through a number of popular trekking routes in Manali that you can enjoy with your dear ones, during your stay here.

The Tranquil Inn is one of the few hotels in Manali that cares to offer its guests guided trekking in Manali. The packages offered span across Manali and entails visits to numerous villages, adventure sports destinations, waterfalls, camping by the shore of rivers, trailing through lush green meadows and paying respects to the temples of the local deities. Starting your trip at 9:30/10:00 AM with a guide and packed lunch will be enough to comfortably cover the trek and be back by 5 PM. You must have sports shoes with good grip. We will be providing you with rain Coats, Walking sticks and backpacks. Read more

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Village Tour

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Manali:Villages to Visit

All tourists who check into the Hotels in Manali are highly recommended to take a Manali village tour. Set off on a day out in Manali trekking in the villages and observing the routines of folks living in these rural pockets. The trip starts from The Tranquil Inn at 9.30 AM. A well-informed guide will assist your trip. The trek also covers packed lunch for two which includes a veg sandwich, boiled egg, a tetra pack of juice, water and a bar of chocolate to honour your sweet-tooth.

The first stop of the trip is at the temple of Hadimba Mata. We then proceed to the remote villages of Sanogi, Mansari, Sayal, Chhyal and Simsa. We also stop by at Karthik Swamy’s temple to pay respects and head further down to the villages of Brodh, Parsha and Klathara. The trek ends by the tiny village of Kalath which stands by the banks of the river Beas. This unassuming village is home to as many as six sulphur springs. A dip in these hot water springs is mandatory if you are curious to experience its mineral-rich properties, known to have been the cure to many a disease like arthritis and rheumatics, for the past several centuries.