Take a Left to Parvati Valley: a Traveler’s Essential


Anyone who has ever been up north may not be new to Manali, a place known for being a prominent tourist destination in India. A place where several movies have been shot and zillions of vacation memories made; Manali is the perfect getaway for your family if you are yet to fall in love with the Himalayas.

The next time you plan a trip to Manali, take a detour down the road that leads to the beautiful Parvati Valley. Located five hundred kilometers away from Delhi, Parvati Valley is a place where time goes to sleep. An hour and a half of bus or taxi ride from Bhuntar takes you to the village of Kasol which is fairly frequented by international travelers. Kasol is bifurcated into the new city and the old by a small bridge, and is an adjoining point for various spots in the valley that are generally left un-explored by most travelers, much to your advantage! These places include Chhalal and Rasol that are proximate enough to not miss, with Chhalal being the closest. You can reach Chhalal by crossing a small iron bridge and striding uphill for about a kilometer. Chhalal is the kind of place you want to be if you want to stay close to Kasol, yet avoid its crowd.

The other two important destinations near Kasol are Tosh and Kheerganga. Tosh can be reached either by taxi or by trek that starts from a point called Barsheni. The trail is full of gorgeous meadows and perrenial streams. The silent conversation you will have with the water trickling downhill will remain with you long after your trip. . Once you make it to Tosh, the breath taking views of high rise mountains and the deep valley they surround are sure to delight you. In case you wish to take the trekking experience up a notch, you can head for Khir Ganga.

Khir Ganga is another small village that is accessible by trek from Bersheni, although this one is comparatively tougher than Tosh and takes about 4-5 to five hours to reach to the top. One must never miss the sunrise at Khir Ganga,the best time to behold the spectacular view of mountains that reflect the golden morning rays shining over them.

Parvati Valley is not just another destination on the map, it’s one of the few places in the world one truly hopes to remain largely untrodden. It teaches you to love nature, to reconnect with yourself and to treat your senses. Take out the tourist fanny pack for once and step into a travelers shoes; there’s a lot to be explored.