The Himalayan Adrenaline Rush: Manali and Nearby

Woman hiker nordic walking in Himalaya Mountains in Nepal. Trekking in autumn nature, beautiful mountain landscape.

As much as Manali is famous for being the ideal location for families to unwind,
This lovely valley is also popularly sought after for a host of adventurous activities.
Here’s a list of some of them one can indulge in while visiting Manali:


If we were to believe the nursery rhyme ‘row your boat’, it sure sounds like an easy thing to do right? River-rafting is offered at a place called Pirdi which is 45 Kilometers away from Manali. You can head to Pirdi at 8 A.M if you want to make it in time for rafting which begins at 10 A.M. Rafting enthusiasts or not, one may dive into the river Beas with their gear to rumble with the raging waves for an enthralling experience.


Running with all your might only to jump off a cliff later sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Not when you have a paraglide over your head and an instructor alongside who aid you in your flight, making you feel like like a soaring bird in the sky. Paragliding is definitely a part of every adventure junkie’s checklist, for obvious reasons. You can go paragliding in Manali at Solan Nallah and Marhi.


We have all been in awe of skiers effortlessly dashing downhill. Its magnificent snow-capped hills witness many enthusiasts, irrespective of age, taking lessons from instructors and trying their best to glide across the ice. Rohtang Pass and Solang Nallah are the two places which offer skiing facilities near Manali.


Mountaineering doesn’t only require a top notch gear and favorable weather conditions, it most importantly requires you to be fit. Someone who can survive the extreme cold conditions and has enough stamina to pull themselves uphill should certainly consider this challenging sport. The Mountaineering Institute in Manali offers both basic and advance training to budding mountaineers.

Adding to the thrill of the adventure seekers is the 18th edition of the Raid De Himalaya which is being hosted by The Tranquil Inn. If you have a penchant for ruling the wheels in the hills, you must sign up for this Rally Race extravaganza which takes place this October.