Gorging the Best Food in Manali: A Pocket Guide


There are only two ways to make your travel experience out of the world. One is of course enjoying its breath-taking views and the other is trying a delicacy unique to your destination. The hill station of Manali has a varied range of cuisines offered in different kinds of hotels and restaurants. Here’s a list of restaurants that serve some real scrumptious meals across the city:

Casa Bella Vista

One can enjoy a good pizza even sitting on a couch, but resting in the dense pine woods and tearing off a delicious slice of cheese pizza served at Casa Bella Vista is bound to taste a lot better. The pizzas are baked in wood-fired oven, and wisps of smoke from it can be seen ghosting upwards. Aside from lip smacking pizza, Casa Bella Vista is also known for its vegetarian Spanish menu. Order any of these along with a creamy coffee shake and have your deepest cravings fulfilled.

Johnson’s Café

The café is famous for its Trout fish as much as Delhi for its butter chicken. Trout wasn’t a local fish until the Britishers introduced it in Himalayan Rivers over a century ago. The locals have been feeding on trout ever since, thus turning it into a much demanded dish at Johnson’s Café which is known for the best cooked ones in Manali. The tender fish simply melts when taken a bite-full of and dipping it into the locally made sauce makes the taste linger on your tastebuds for long. A glass of wine goes well with the trout and with seasoned vegetables on the side.

The Lazy Dog Lounge

Quite unlike what its name suggests, this restaurant has one of the liveliest ambiences you will find in Manali. Numerous independent solo artists and bands perform live; music that cuts across genres. The western style and an elaborate menuof intercontinental dishes is sure to entice you through the evening. Here at The Lazy Do Lounge, you are sure to rub shoulders with some interesting people, local travelers and tourists from abroad who arfull ofstories to tell and experiences to share.

After a meal full of tasteful delights one can stroll along the streets of Manali or venture into its rather un-explored terrains. There are various hotels that make for amazing staycations in Manali.Don’t forget tocheck into The Tranquil Inn for it runs regular treks and hosts annual adventure rallies. The 18th edition of the most awaited Raid De Himalaya rally race will be hosted by The Tranquil Inn this year.